Friday, August 20, 2010

So, when you leave your blog for four months...

Blogger invents new templates. And then it changes around the setup page. And THEN you remember it's three email addresses behind, and it's trying to start a whole new blog for your whole new email address. And then you find one lonely little comment waiting to be moderated (Sorry Sarah!). And then you wonder if anyone will ever read it. And then you debate putting it on facebook, because you write about your kids on here, and maybe they don't want you linking to their baby pictures to all of the kids at school. BTW, I am friends with LOADS of kids from school on fb, Dustin thinks it's so I can win at the Great Friend Race, but really I know a year from now those kids won't friend me, and I hope to keep tabs on things. There is a reason my kids think I know everything!!

Did I mention my husband and I are both friends with the chief of police as well?

So, what to talk about. I was bored, put it as my fb status, and was reminded that I could blog. That just means I could bore all of you two million (hey, I remember how!) people right along with me! I could tell you about:

-Thomas's foot fetish, we discovered it months ago.
-All the things he puts in his mouth.
-The occasional thing we manage to get back OUT of his mouth.
-Dustin doing soccer doubles.
-Zachary driving me crazy looking for reasons to complain.
-Michael begging me for a haircut. Oh, maybe THAT'S what I should be doing, *I feel sheepish*
-Brian announced at his doctor appointment today he hates school. I had no idea.
-Kids all have colds. Except Z, he's just whiny.
-4 boys got shots this week, wanna guess who lucked out (Nicki can't play this game)?
-One has a rash, little spots that showed up this evening, I am hoping viral non-chicken pox spots.
-It's 8 PM and my husband is STILL not home from work.
-He told his boss he needed a raise if he was going to have to babysit coworkers. His boss said he wouldn't ask him to babysit coworkers anymore.
-Our house is supposed to be under renovations.
-The federal government employee in charge of the paperwork is the quintessential federal government employee.
-Michael will graduate COLLEGE before we renovate.
-I haven't eaten because I'm waiting for my husband. I just remembered I told him he should stop and get something. Maybe I will go eat. Good boredom buster!

Any requests for elaborating?