Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shower Gift: Twin Diaper Babies

So, I have been invited to a baby shower tomorrow night.  I generally don't attend baby showers, I never asked to have one and I find the whole thing uncomfortable and out of my price range. 
But this one is different.  This one is for my friend's son and daughter in law, and they don't know it but they remind me SO much of Bill and I at their age.  Not exactly like them, but young, and definitely in love, and now feeling a bit over their heads!  They are having TWINS.  Yep, a boy and a girl, James and Aria.  So I decided I would definitely show my support, even if I have to be there late. 
Which meant I needed a gift.  Or two, after all, we are talking twins!  While whining talking about it to my friend, she mentioned seeing a video tutorial for a diaper baby.
How silly.  I have never been a fan of diaper cakes, and couldn't envision what she was talking about.  Clearly, she would be no help, so I asked Mother Google.
Who ALSO wasn't helpful.
So I searched for the video, as Nicki had sung its praises, and after following the video's easy instructions almost to the letter, (I used one less diaper for each baby chest) I had this!!

They are so sweet!  You really just want to reach out and pat their little sleeping bottoms!

The link for the video is here:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Few Words...

I am back.  What have we been doing?  Well, I have been potty training my 2 year old, I am hoping he will be potty trained before he turns 3 in 2 weeks!  Right now he uses the potty very well, as long as he is wearing only a shirt.  If he puts anything on his nether regions, he feels comfortable peeing on said fabric little bits every ten minutes.  I am hoping we will reach a point where he can wear clothes and STILL pee on the potty, but it remains to be seen!!

Swimming lessons were survived this summer, we had great, and I mean GREAT instructors, the one in particular that actually got Zachary IN the water is my new hero at the moment.  After a year of forcing him to come and watching him sit on the shore, then the year of him not even going, it was so great to have a year where he learned how to swim!!  There is more to learn, of course, neither he nor Michael passed their level, but that was not really a surprise, at these levels it takes more than a few weeks of summer to master the skills.

We took a family vacation, thanks to my mom, to Niagra Falls this past May.  We were gone for a week, and it was lovely.  We stayed by Lake Ontario, and I had no idea how beautiful the Great Lakes are!

Those are just some high lights!  I hope to talk about soccer, and babysitting, and teenage drivers, and robotics, and much, much more as the next few days come!

ps.  I am uber-excited impressed that blogger has added a strikethrough button near the italics, bold, and underline buttons!  YAY!!!!