Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tile set

So, I thought I should show you my amazing blunder, and perhaps I could render a little sympathy.  You see, I did this amazing first time tile job (if I do say so myself), but then I was foolish and allowed a whole lot of tile set dry onto the tiles... Well, I had a reason at the time.  You see, those itty bitty tiles are 2"x 2" and 2"x4", and when you try to wash them they wiggle around. 
but if you don't wipe them off for days weeks it gets REALLY solid.  I was in denial, I regularly sat and looked at it, thinking "It shouldn't be too bad."


After about 5 minutes of scrubbing, I remembered that this little pasty stuff is holding great big heavy pieces of tile on the wall in mid air essentially.  It's really strong.  The picture shows the side I've done on the right, the left side... well let's just say I'm righthanded.  *sigh*

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Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Oh noooo.... Good luck on that scrubbing. I completely understand procrastinating projects like that. If I keep my steam going, I can complete the entire thing and be DONE with it. But if I take a break? Yeah. Years go by without outlet covers on my daughter's wall. ;)

And Of course I remember you.