Saturday, December 20, 2008

And then on Thanksgiving...

I took these pictures in the morning:

Why was I out in the icy cold? Because my family was invited to do this:

...with some families from church. Yes, they are playing football. It turned out to be the Hydes, Jones, and Howatts, which is a REALLY fun combination! It was David Hyde's idea, I do believe, and they all really got into it.

Team MVPs:

Is this legal? Or what they call holding?

They want to make it a tradition, I do believe the flyer said first annual. I'm not sure Bill will be able to handle it very many years, though!!


Nicki said...

WOW! I didn't even know about that game. It even sounds like something you guys would enjoy! Poor Bill, he really is catching up to us old folks ;)

Stinson Family said...

What a great day! The children all look like it was a lot of fun and didn't seem to mind the cold.