Friday, December 19, 2008

More old stuff...

Been meaning to post these, too, you know, since I took them on November 19th.

He's three, and he can almost always dress/undress himself. He only runs into trouble with pulling things over his head. And snaps.

His taste choices are not always good, though. He outgrew this before I got it in the drawer this summer. Since he can't wear it next year, and Bill and I aren't having more boys, and we heat with wood (aka our house in 90 degrees all winter) he was allowed to wear it. Until it was time to leave the house, anyway!!
Anyone up for a game?

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Anonymous said...

What a cutie! You have good looking kids Marie.

Yes we do use our woodstove in this part of California. It was 29 the last few nights, and we have many foggy days when it doesn't get into the 50' during the day. But we also have many no burn days. That started last year because of air quality so on the foggy days we usually can't burn. Our house isn't 90 with the woodstove but it can be uncomfortably warm next to it. The bedrooms stay cool which is good for sleeping.

Kathy b