Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Message from Thomas

Dear Person Who Reads Mommy's Blog,

Did you know it is hard to be the baby to four brothers? Take today, for example... I had to go all the way to Augusta to watch my big brother talk to people. Not even there an hour. It totally messed with my nap time, and I didn't even get to have Dustin hold me. I did get to see Pepere and Grammie though.

When it all gets too hard, though, mommy knows just what I need. A little time in my bubble, you might say. Nobody holding me, bouncing me, or restraining me in a car seat.

Ah yes, just me and the three bears on my mobile. Occasionally a brother shows up to wind up my bears for me, but other than that it's nice and quiet, and peaceful. Just what a baby needs after a long hard morning.



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