Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My boys

**Edited to add**
The dome will be used as a greenhouse.

My kids are amazing, and I have had one of them astound me yet again. Dustin and Erik are in Geometry together, and because the Middle School now has two math periods every day they are flying through the material at twice the speed. To deal with this, their teacher (who happens to be Erik's dad) opted to supplement the Geometry material instead of encouraging them to Algebra II, as they are not ready for that kind of jump. One of his decisions in this regard was to have them help him write a grant for a geodesic dome to be built onto the Middle School. If you are wondering (as I first did) what that is, click here.

We just learned today that their grant was funded. The two of them (and the teacher) will be going to Augusta on Thursday to receive the grant from the governor.

Twenty years from now, when he's home from some big city to visit he will drive by the Middle School, point to the dome and tell his kids he helped make that possible. He amazes me.

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Anonymous said...

That is going to be pretty cool to have at school, but can you do anything inside of it????? will it just be only something pretty to look at????