Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So, yesterday I cleaned my fridge. The stars aligned Sunday evening and my teenager was home with the garbage near full and loading the dishwasher. So I emptied the science projects, put their containers right in the dishwasher which was run, and then he took out the trash.

So, Monday morning before I bought groceries I cleaned my fridge. And now it looks like this.

But my abnormal brain is terrible at figuring out the "right" place to put things. The kitchen cupboards prove it. And so, dear reader, I would LOVE to have your thoughts on where you keep something in your fridge. I said something hoping you could pick any old thing. Please don't say butter, I keep my butter in the butter dish, and at least one gallon of milk on the door. Any other ideas?


Bryce's Ramblings said...

For what it's worth, I've read that milk stored in the door goes sour faster. It's not as cold as the rest of the fridge. But then again, I imagine your family goes through a gallon of milk pretty quickly. :-)

Stinson Family said...

I put the cheese products in a drawer and the veggies and fruit in a drawer. They seem to last longer for me when I do that. Other then that I just stick things in where they fit. I put my milk in the door too and works good for us. Good luck with it all!

Alyson said...

I put all the condiments in the door. The eggs...put on top on the right. The consumables such as yogurt, ect on the top shelf. veggies in the left drawer, fruit on the right. containers and left overs on the botom shelf near the front so I see them!!
that is what I do.