Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scrabble Gift!

So, I was way super excited to show you this a couple of days before Christmas, but I couldn't, because it was a gift for my oldest. Then Christmas and life happened, and it got put on the back burner, but today I am in "finish things I started mode", so here it is, in all my sad little camera's glory!

And he loved it! At least, his reaction was totally everything I hoped for, it was better than the Nerf gun! (Which was pretty sweet, too!) So either he has perfected faking it, or he loved it... and since he LOVES Scrabble, is notorious for correcting spelling like his mom, every word perfectly describes him, and a week earlier announced that he wanted to make something with these veryboards (old pallets, cut and sanded just to smooth out), I'm going with he loved it!

I used wood tiles from A.C. Moore, I couldn't bring myself to use actual Scrabble tiles, we only have one board, and it's complete. I did consider buying a basic version, but they were over $8, I spent less then that, even though I bought 2 bags of tiles. I did go through and make sure I had the right number of each letter for the game before I glued them down, as I am a bit anal obnoxious that way! And I expect, someday, when he's bored enough, he will add up the potential points scored. Because he is my boy!

Interesting side note, when I asked my husband a few weeks ago for old pallets, he hemmed and hawed about not having very many, etc. Only days later, he mentioned something he could do with pallets, and said, "Oh yeah, and we have a ton of those." Yeah, he regretted that!

So, here you are, one of my homemade gifts this year. I DON'T sew!

And Mom, if you read this, I am still working on your sign... it should be ready for Spring!

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