Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Remember Me?

Yeah, I know.

Straight to business:

Michael played baseball for the A's. His best friend from 1st grade was on the team, Andrew, so that was cool. It helped Andrew's older brother was on Brian's team, so when Dad's weren't home to transport the mom's could work together. Thank you Jess!!

Michael liked Baseball ok. Not great, but ok. The season seemed to start late cuz of all the snow, and so it ended late, and we were all ready to be done.

No T Ball this year. Life is goood!

We got one of those Easy Set Pools with Christmas money this year. We got it all set up, and realized it was really REALLY cold. Ugh. The kids wanted to jump right in, but were told to wait. They did help smooth out the wrinkles, though, while it was filling up. That was fun. That was all done on June 8, so it has had some time to warm up. Last night everyone seemed to think it was down right toasty. I'll keep you posted. Already it has been well worth the money, they like it, and I don't have to be out there 'cuz they all touch.

It's big.

Z doesn't go in without a grown up. And he prefers my kind of temps, so no one needs to panic. No drowning allowed at the Jones house.


Maybe not.

I don't see what your problem is?

Well... if he can do it, I can do it. Right?

Dustin tested the temps, with his hand, and decided there was no need to be a show off, so he stayed out!

More later. I wouldn't want to overload you all.


Nicki said...

Gee.... who are you, again? Oh yeah, I remember. You're that lady with Four, yes FOUR, children to keep you busy. Not to mention friends and a life of your own. Who has time to blog, huh?
The pool was kind of fun even though it was cold. I think I still owe Brian a splash or two.

Ashleigh said...

holy crow! where have you been? busy summer i guess. the pool sounds fabulous. in all honestly though i have missed your random, funny posts. enjoy your july.

Stinson Family said...

I love pools! I think that I am with Dustin on that one, with the cold water. I have to have it be warm almost bath water for me to really enjoy it. I hope you get lots of swimming in this summer!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Nice pool shots, looks like fun. I want to come try it sometime. I did not get any good baseball pics this year, maybe because I did not bring my camera when there was a threat of rain (every game!). Me