Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Woes of the Soccer Mom...

Forgive me while I lament.

Yesterday was the first scheduled game for Middle School soccer. It was also sign ups for the youth league you play in before Middle School, and was conveniently to be held at the field where they were playing.

Or so I thought.

It rained. I mean it POURED yesterday. I went in to Walmart on a beautiful, pleasantly cloudy (no sun glare when driving) day, sure to be the remnant of the blasted-no-longer-hurricane we dealt with through the weekend, and as I was paying an hour (or ten, I lost count) later, a man walked by with a DRENCHED T-shirt. I mean WET. People commented and he said, "Yeah, it's POURING!"

And it continued to pour until 1 PM. Games were cancelled. End of story.

Uh. No.

Cancelled was the word the lovely school secretary used, no that was not sarcastic, I really do like her, she's very sweet.

It wasn't until I pulled out the schedule with my boys and commented, "So, I guess your first game of the season will be at Carrabec on Thursday, " that I heard, "No,m we're playing this one tomorrow, same time same place."


Then I spent twenty minutes too long explaining to my second grader the difference between CANCELLED and POSTPONED.

Which is fine. I'm glad they will get to play.


You see, we still had to sign up the younger one that day.

And then today? Today we are caring for a friend's 2 yo and bringing him home around 230, after the girl 5th grader I babysit before and after school gets here at 2:15, then be back for my elementary school boy to be dropped home at 3:10, scoot down the road 10 minutes for a 3:30 soccer game, return the middle schooler some time near 4:30 (half an hour early 'cuz her mom leaves work early on Wednesdays to take her to dance) get back to the games for the 5:00 start, when they are done run to the school (ten minutes back near home, we are lucky to live exactly 3 minutes from the school) for an elementary open house (6:00-7:00) and then hit the Middle school open house (6:30-7:30, don't you love how they don't COMPLETELY overlap?), and do you know where I will be come 8:00 PM?

The McDonald's drive-thru.

Yeah. Now excuse me, I need to ask Mother Google where the heck Carrabec is. And get directions on how to get there.

'Cuz I've heard of it, but never had cause to go there before.

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Tracey said...

Sigh... hope the day ends up being better than you expect it to be!