Monday, September 29, 2008


There's this really bad thing that happens in my life, every 4 to 6 weeks, that turns me absolutely insane. Nothing in the world is right, for anywhere from 4 to 8 days. I have been an absolute basket case for a week, finding it very difficult to hold things together. I burst into tears during a shower last Friday night, and when I was out of the bathroom I cried on my 12 year old's shoulder about missing my Granddad. Who died in 1997.


I was feeling quite hopeless, cause there was no apparent reason for my frustration. And then the bad thing happened. After only 3 weeks.

There may be hope for me yet. Stay tuned.

Oh, and like my new header? I owe it all to Robin, at

Thanks Robin! I needed the step by step direction! I hadn't read through your post, I just clicked on Wordle to find out what it was, then played around for a day before going back and seeing you had walked us through it. Thanks, it worked like a charm!


Tracey said...

I hate it when my body gets its weeks messed up like that!

Robin (PENSIEVE) said...


1) {{{hugs}}} for your "really bad thing". Very cryptic but hugs are always nice, yes? And a prayer? or six??

2) You're welcome! When I hit your page and saw your header, I thought what a GREAT design (that communicates much @ your blog), then I saw the hattip to me.

Schmart girl you are and glad to be of service!


Anonymous said...

Love the new header wordle thing. That looks like a fun thing to try.

There is no denying that there is a mind/body connection! It sure is gread when it normalizes.

Kathy b

Anonymous said...

Your post made me remember that Dad told me at the hospital when we were discussing (agonizing over)his refusal of treatment that the only one he was really concerned about leaving behind was you. The two of you definitely had a connection. I miss him too, all the time. Do you suppose he might find Savannah somewhere along the line? That is a nice idea to contemplate. Love you. Mom.