Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fooled

I thought I would let you all in on the joke I played. Yep, I played an April Fool's joke, and it worked.

I went to because I am not creative. They had this joke, which suggested to put an elastic around the sprayer at the kitchen sink. My elastic didn't fit right, so I thought about it, and since the sprayer is black, I used electrical tape. Oh yes I did. And then I laid down with Z for a nap, giggling uncontrollably.

When Dustin and Brian got home, I waited. Then Z woke up, and went out to see them. I waited. He asked for grapes we had just bought that morning, and Dustin took some and rinsed them for him. In the kitchen sink. Nothing.

I got up. I asked him about the grapes. He gave me a weird look, and kept saying, "Yeah, I just rinsed enough for Zachary." I kept looking at the sink, and he kept saying, "What?"

Not enough tape. Electrical tape has this interesting stretchy quality, and so it had stretched.

Dustin and Brian joined in the giggling as I retaped it. With lots of layers. Then I ended up going to Walmart. I called as I headed home at 5:00, Dustin was still doing homework, and so I asked Brian to start cutting the english muffins for english muffin pizzas for supper.

When I got home, Brian said, "Mom, it works! I spilled pizza sauce, and went to get a dish cloth, and forgot and sprayed myself!!" We laughed heartily, especially because Brian has been working through a list of practical jokes he's played on others all day long!

Dad arrived minutes later, and got in the shower after a day in the cold mud, having dressed for 50 degree weather. Oops. When he was dressed again, I moved to the dining room to wash the table and asked him to make Kool-aid. Then I asked Brian to put away the Cheez-Its he had snacked on. So Brian was in the kitchen, watching and waiting.

Oh yeah. Not only did Bill get wet, but Brian laughed so hard he fell to the kitchen floor.

Who do you suppose Bill assumed the guilty April Fooler was? Yup. He turned the sprayer on Brian!

I laughed and laughed! Brian was still laughing when he said it was Mom, who was still safely around the corner where the sprayer would never reach! I did get a big wet hug though, and reminded Bill I don't have any other (maternity) clothes , so be nice to me! It was blissful.

Next year I am doomed.

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Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

You are SO DEAD next year. :)

I usually pretend my one friend is pregnant and call my mom about it. (My friend should NOT be pregnant again. Not a great health choice). She ALWAYS falls for it. Every time.

I can't lie in person, so I have to do it on the phone...