Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blue and Gold

There is apparently this thing that happens every year in Cub Scouts called the Blue and Gold. I don't understand what all it is, but they apparently are to make as interesting of a decorated cake that they can.

Well, that and bring potluck for a luncheon.

My poor husband. I was recovering from the flu, and down and out again. But, that Friday evening he baked a cake into two rounds. Then he let Brian make frosting Saturday morning. Then, after finishing mixing the frosting thoroughly, Brian and Michael colored it. They went with a patriotic theme.

Bill bought a few bags of salad on the way there for the potluck. I had to take Dustin to his basketball game, so I missed it. Bill said he would take the camera, but wouldn't take pictures, so I didn't send it and took pictures of them at home!
Brian's won most patriotic, and Michael's cake won most wildly decorated. I think they suited well!


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Ah, Blue and Gold. The cakes can get WILDLY competitive over here....

Stinson Family said...

That is too bad Bill won't take pictures for you. The boys cakes look really good. I am glad they won!