Friday, May 1, 2009

Brace yourselves...

It's going to be one heck of a weekend.

I need to try to get to Walmart tonight in Farmington to pick up my Rx refills. While I'm there, if I get to go alone, I may get my hair shaved off cut. Please tell me it looks nice tomorrow, even if you live thousands of miles away and don't know what it looks like/looked like before.

Then, I am getting up at 6 am tomorrow to drive to Lewiston (45 min) and take a 3 hour sugar test that I absolutely refuse to fail. R.E.F.U.S.E. I intend to exercise in between drinks in order to boost my body's insulin production. I will also be fasting (both reasons why I will crawl out of bed that early to do it) which means unless you want to tell me my hair is fabulous you should avoid me tomorrow. Pregnant woman + messed up eating schedule = G.R.O.U.C.H.

I also need to purchase a gift for a certain young man who will be (gulp) 13 on Sunday.

My husband expects to be building a barn on Saturday morning, and as much through the day as he can manage.

Probably straight from Lewiston I will be going to Michael's first baseball game in Brettuns at noon. Unless of course I have to drive past it to pick him up so he can attend it, I really don't care to watch the team without him there. It will be followed by Brian's first baseball game, conveniently at Brettuns. On the plus side, they have a port a potty. On the even plusser side there's a little variety store just up the road with excellent, FLUSHING facilities. Then it will be time to bake a cake in preparation for the birthday festivities.

Hard to tell who's going to cook supper, might go for pizza.

And that folks, covers my day off!

Sunday of course will be filled with church until 1, followed directly by a nap, and then a birthday supper of Italian Casserole followed by a birthday party for the aforementioned 13 year old. He just announced he wants an apple pie. Hmmm. We've never not had cake in this family, I'll have to consult the apple pie maker (Bill). That could get me seriously off the hook though!

Relaxing, refreshing weekend, no?

And next weekend, I work 8 hours for Melissa on Saturday! Woo HOO!


Tara said...

Sounds crazy... busy... good luck... I'm sure you'll look great, no matter how you're feeling.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Busy girl! Show us the new hairdo, ok?

kbbryant said...

Your hair does look great! Really! How did the blood test go?

Kathy b

Stinson Family said...

Your hair looks fabulous. Please post a picture of it :)

Memories by Melissa Photography said...

Yeah, and I am a tough boss!!! :)

Kim said...

Random, I know....but I have to ask. I am about to burst with excitement and I have been counting down the days. Is it tomorrow? Is it? Is it? Please tell as soon as you know, k? Or I might explode.