Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I need to slow down...

I wake up every morning feeling tired enough to go back to bed. I'm thinking about calling to postpone my doc appointment and ultrasound so I can get extra sleep.

Oh, I kid! I'm beat, but the suspense is killing me too!!

I managed to get through Monday on a sugar high... the nurse called at 8 am and told me I passed the glucose test! WOO HOO!! I beat the lousy system!
Saturday we had double header of baseball, and the game before ran late, so we were there awhile. I got a sunburn, which was nice! Bill baked apple pie for the birthday boy Saturday night, and decided we need nighttime fire drills. The pies ran over and burned on. He let a puff of smoke out of the oven when he took them out, and all the detectors went off!! But NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE budged. He told us in the morning, and we were all, huh, never heard it.

Dustin turned 13 Sunday, which deserves a post with pictures, but right now I just don't have time to upload anything to blogger. I do have pictures though. Monday night I ordered his Lego NXT for him (he almost had enough with this years birthday money added to the year of cash he has been saving) so he's thrilled. On the teenager note, I asked the school secretary to have him call me when it was between classes. He did, and I was explaining to him I wouldn't be home after school and why. He interrupts me, and says, "Mom?" "What?" "I'm missing gym class."


Sunday we skipped church (2nd week in a row, not good) for the fireman's family breakfast. VERY yummy, and excellent service i must say. The officers on the dept cook and serve, you just sit down and great food keeps showing up!

We found the kitchen counters Sunday afternoon, no small feat for those of you who have been in my house! They still look good, but in the process of cleaning this weekend I lost my laptop cord. VERY BAD. Of course, Bill (aka Daddy Finder of All Things Temporarily Misplaced) found it Monday night, in the couch cushions. Sigh.

I drove 142 miles for work Monday. Then after supper we helped a couple from Texas move into Wilton. They were great. I tagged along because with no nap, I thought Z would fall apart, and he insisted he was going. But he didn't, so we were out late. Then I worked Tuesday, starting with a meeting in Rumford, and after an afternoon nap and supper we went back to unload the rest of the U-Haul into a storage unit. Again, I went along to keep the kids out from underfoot, sure I could leave after a short time. We left at 815, which was still earlier than Daddy. They are such nice people though, I'm just glad they had the help.

So now, I blog. It's just the rundown of where I've been, but now you know. I'm bringing the laptop. I may be able to blog more there. But for now, back to bed.

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Stinson Family said...

After reading this I think I need to go and take a nap ;) I hope that you are able to slow down some.