Monday, May 11, 2009

A rose by any other name...

Bill wants to open the blog up for name ideas. I will be switching back to allowing anonymous comments for it, since a lot of you read blogs but don't write them.

Be aware, if the meany who said nasty things in the past comments something rude it won't be approved, so don't bother.

I have an idea for a name in mind, but Bill is excited to hear what you all will suggest! Please bear in mind, I will be checking the meanings of all the names, as that is very important to me!! And as a small disclaimer, I get to name this baby, Bill named Brian and Zachary (we make sure the other one doesn't hate the name, of course) and I named Dustin and Michael, so it's totally my turn. Therefore, don't be bummin' if I don't use your idea!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, naming a child is such a personal and individual thing. I've heard a lot of names in my years of preschool. I make a connection with so many names because of children I "experienced". No ideas at the moment.

I'm so sorry to hear that you have had negative commenters! That's just not right!

Kathy b

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Good Lord. Now you want us to find a NAME for your child? Would you also like me to take care of it for you, too?

Um, Ok. I totally would. I miss having a little baby.... :(

ANYway! A name, a name...


It looks like you like normal names that are easy to say and pronounce. (kinda like me) I've always liked:

Jack (though that might sound too much like Zach)

See? I am no help. I just think of names you already knew.

Good luck!

Megan and Sean said...

I love Colin and Cameron, but I don't know what they mean!

Anonymous said...

what's going on, you have not wrote anything for a while!

Anonymous said...

Top 10 Names For Baby Boy Jones
10. Tom (for the singer and the book)
9. Indiana (nice state, great movies---his Halloween costume would be easy for at least the first 10 years)
8. Jon (because the alliteration would make it fun)
7. Joseph (prophet, or after the Joe Jones chain of outdoor gear stores)
6. Jorge (after his grandfather, but with a Latin flair)
5. Spartacus (this kid better grow up to be buff)
4. Quincy
3. Spike
2. Justin Other
1. Jay (after your fair city)