Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dustin Played Basketball

Well, I've uploaded pictures from my camera, and I found some of Dustin's championship basketball game. For the second year in a row they were undefeated, and very excited! Before I blog baseball, I want to give credit to him! Being awfully miserable and pregnant during the season, there is a sore lack of good pictures (lousy lighting in gyms helps that too) but here are a couple!!

Team name was the Nuggets, they are all named after NBA teams. Realizing that the intent is Gold Nuggets, the original team being from Denver Colorado, our boys liked the idea of naming their plays after dipping sauces! There was no "Number 1" hollered in the game, oh no, you would instead hear the point guard yell, "Barbecue!" Or, "Sweet n sour!" It certainly made parents smile, though the coaches (die hard sports fanatics, both of them) appeared a tad embarrassed!!

They get mighty aggressive by Middle School, that's for sure! My bnoy is on the right here, in the light blue.

There he is, in the back in this one (the kid being SQUASHED in the middle is on the other team, the Celtics):

And here's the team after their big win, he's second in from the left in the front row! Woo HOO!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marie, I was thinking of you. My next door neighbor is due in September and she broke her ankle. She had to have surgery and is on bedrest for the ankle. She has a two year old.
It was 104 here yesterday. Yipes

Kathy b