Monday, July 27, 2009


So, at 30 weeks I was measuring a bit larger than desired, which means we get to have an ultrasound at 32 weeks to see that the baby is not in distress, heart function is good, plenty of fluid, and lungs doing whatever they are supposed to at this point. The tech said everything appeared well! And I decided Thomas has Michael's ears!! So cute!
This one shows a profile, for anyone unsure his head is on the left of the screen, forehead nose and mouth!!
The only slightly bad news is he is feet down at the moment, but she assured me there is time (and space) for him to turn still.
Consider yourself updated!!


Tara said...

Looking good... let's hope he turns sooner than later... it's never fun wondering if the baby will get in the right position. Glad it all looks well... and yes, I'd agree, he's cute.

I have lots of bags for you..probably more stuff than you need - feel free to organize and keep only the stuff you really want and pass along the rest... although, who knows, maybe he'll be one who requires lots of clothes changes, in that case, you'll be all set! I'll be bringing most everything (if not everything) Sunday, hope you have room in your van!

Anonymous said...

I loved these pics. I hope he's active and does a lot of moving...into the right posiition.

Kathy b