Friday, August 28, 2009

The reason our middle child can confidently claim that position now...

Ah yes, little Thomas. We have no pictures of him, aside from these ultrasounds, but there are certainly things to talk about! Not the least of which are his ears, which I am totally expecting to look like Michael's!
The truly least expected, we were certain that Zachary was to be the last on so many levels.
That said, he has become is also the most anticipated, as even Michael made a comment the other day. Zachary had asked how much longer before Thomas comes (he regularly announces he "misses" him) and when I replied a few more weeks, Michael clapped his hands and said, "He's coming that soon?"
I grinned and teased Michael a bit, "What? I thought you didn't WANT another little brother?"
And he grinned, and said, "No, I don't..." but he laughed.
Things like today, Dustin came home from school with a notice about Lego League not starting until September 28th. His comment? "That will be after Thomas comes!"
We are waiting with baited breath... some of us more comfortably than others!

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