Friday, October 3, 2008


Today's top story: Dustin wins first place in the Kid's Pull at the Fryeurg Fair, 2008!!
He was offered an opportunity to pull the steers he trained last year to show in 4H. He sold them to someone who lives not far from here, and he brought them to Fryeburg for the week. So, he asked Dustin if he would like to pull them in the kid's class today. Dustin said sure, and learned that they only put 200 lbs. on the drag for this class. The owner says they pull alot more than that, and sure enough, they weren't fazed at all by the weight!!
They are all given 3 minutes to pull the 200 lbs. backand forth as much as they can, with the ring being 150 feet long.
Here they have made their first turn at the end of the ring, easy peasy!!
Here there is is a minute and 41 seconds left, and by gummy if they haven't sauntered to the other end again already!!
And down the other end again, we're in the home stretch now boys!!!
Just a little more...
Six more seconds, give a little more boys!
Because the whole drag didn't cross the line or turn, here they are measuring from the back of the drag to see how far...
588' 6"!!!

Not bad for a couple of dairy steers!

They never even broke a sweat. I may have, but that's another story!!

My wonderful boy and the wonderful steers he trained so well (and Darrell worked so well for a year) also won the Fair President's award. it comes with a trophy, and a premium, and is given to the youth teamster, ages 9 - 16, who pulls and demonstrates most appropriate use of the goad stick, careful and good turns, and overall sportsmanship.

Oh yeah. We rock!

I mean, yes, um, it was a grest competition, a good job done by all.

But Dustin ruled!!


Tara said...

Congrats to Dustin! Great job!

Nicki said...

Woo Hoo!

Brenda said...

Okay, I even had to figure out the signup thing to comment on this one. Way to go Dustin, you are AWESOME!!!