Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I really love being a soccer mom. Of all the sports my kids play, this is the one I like. It's outside, but during my favorite season, fall early winter.

The two oldest played on our middle school's team this year, and their season actually ended just over a week ago. Michael, on the other hand, has 1 more practice and one more game. I have been taking pictures, just not making time to blog them, so...

here the oldest are, in all their middle school glory!

I was in luck, both boys were #5, so they were easy to keep track of on the other side of the field!

I don't know what exactly they call that move Dustin, but it was working for you!

I am including this picture of Dustin mostly to show you the ground. This is a secondary field, we had a rescheduled game on the same day that the high school was using the regular home field. So this field has been made overlapping a baseball field. Different seasons, so no problem, right? Well... it had rained a LOT the day before, and the gravel was quite muddy. I tell you this to paint the picture for what happened next. Brian was running down field, right through the mud, and happened to look down at just the wrong moment. His mouthguard dropped in the mud. Without hesitating, he scooped, grabbed it, and stuck it back in!

I didn't think too much about it, but the two teachers (one of whom has Brian in class) sitting beside me were all "OH, DID YOU SEE THAT!! HE NEVER EVEN HESITATED!!"

Well, that's Brian. A very "by the rule" kid, he knows you have to have the mouthguard to play. He was playing, he grabbed the mouthguard back and put it in. 'Nuff said!

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Nicki said...

When I was a kid, soccer was the one ball game that I would participate in for gym in school. The ball was big enough to see even with my eyesight. (and it was SUPPOSED TO hit you in the head!)