Friday, October 31, 2008


My husband has taken up a hobby while he watches TV. It's productive. Good for both the environment and our pocketbook.

Me? I have a hobby while he watches TV too.

It's enormously productive!! Hey, just let me live in my dream world for a few minutes, k? Some day I'll enter a Tetris competition and win millions and help him retire early.


I have, however, managed to figure out how to show you video... maybe. Try this, it's not my best video ever, but he's so darn cute. He was showing me in slow motion how he ran across the room!


Nicki said...

He's so cute...but what I really want to know is....What is a t-spin?

Memories by Melissa Photography said...

Great video, I especially love the end where he shows us that he can almost stick his tongue up his nose.

Anonymous said...

So darn cute! "The right one is this the right one is this".

But what is your husband doing? Bending steel?

kathy b