Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself!

Flipping through the channels in a desperate hope to find ANYTHING but figure skating/gymnastics (we've cancelled the satellite because we are poor) we came upon a brief gem. President-elect Obama was speaking on channel 8 (why 6 didn't carry it I'll never know) and we listened. He spoke at the Washington DC mall, just as Dr. King himself did. He spoke of the great men and events memorialized there, but emphasized that the true miracle of this country are indeed the people who make up this great nation.

Hello. Democratic president speaking.

He spoke of the need to pull ourselves up, and the certainty that it will be done. He said that it will take time, it always does. He also stated that our country is not measured by our actions when times are easy. Oh no. He reminded us of farmers and shopkeepers who stood rightly against tyranny in our beginnings and WON. Our country's worth is measured when we are struggling.

I s'pose we can be grateful to GW for one thing.

But the best of all, the most glorious thing, was that my children sat mesmerized. And they were not chastised of all the enemies out to get them. They were not told of the need to defend and protect ourselves from the end of the world. There was acknowledgement of difficult times, and the need to pull together, but best of all, the assurance that we CAN. We are able. We are strong, not just because we have big guns, but because we are a strong people, of a great heritage.

Everything I believe my faith teaches. The world is falling apart around us, we knew it would, indeed it must. But we need not experience it in fear, we instead are intended to band together, strive for what's right, and have faith that as we do so we as individuals and as a nation can be comforted.

I never realized until this night how much I have MISSED being able to sit and listen to our nation's leader and feel inspired. It was awesome. And only the beginning.

My children gave me weird looks, because when he ended, President-elect Obama said, "and God bless you." I immediately responded to the TV, "And God bless you."

I am only somewhat ashamed I was never inspired to say that back to Bush. Though I doubt I said it to any other president either. But I fear for this one. For the safety and strength of our country, I hope there are many praying for this man's safety, from the simple minded who might fear his color.

God bless and keep you, President-elect Obama. And thank God you are here.

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