Friday, January 16, 2009

In case you were wondering...

I totally fell asleep. Big surprise, you put a thirty-ahem-year-old woman beside her 3 year old baby and tell her to lay still, and breathe slowly, so that he will get we are napping and lay still and breathe slowly so that he will not be an intolerable earthquake of chaos and destruction come 5 PM and of course she falls asleep. Don't hate me. Just because then I wake up and move to the couch so I don't have to be squooshed up by the bed rail so tightly I can't breathe or move and doze some more because really who only sleeps ONE hour and the 3 year old wakes up and is tended to the now-home-from-school 12 year old because REALLY PEOPLE, MOMMY IS TRYING TO SLEEP.


Anyway, I have a bone to pick with the blog world. It's cold outside. I know it's not the blog world's fault, but I am sitting in a draft, with the laptop ON my lap instead of the appropriate shelfy lap thing to keep warm, and if you folks out there don't blog SOMETHING (with the exception of Tracey, and Melissa, and Josiah I am going to have to get UP and do SOMETHING productive, like pick kids up at school. ACK!! I've nothing left to read online! Blog!! EMAIL!! SEND ME A MILE LONG FORWARD, PLEASE!! Anything but housework!

Thank you, in ADVANCE.


ps. people, do you realize how long those links took me to make? I'm desperate, truly.

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Kaity Hall said...

I'm getting to it, I promise!!!! I'm taking some pictures of our remodeling adventures and will post them today, I PROMISE!!!