Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

My kids are cute. That's not an opinion, it's a fact. One that I remind myself of DAILY to ensure their survival!
So, sometimes they do things that are, well, cute... and I take pictures. Other times they do cute things and my friends take pictures. Occasionally, though rarely, they do things that are not very cute at the moment, but I take pictures knowing that I will look at them days or weeks later and find them cute. And there are those rare, fleeting moments, when my friends take my kid's picture when they are doing something that is cute at the moment to them and they think will be cute eventually to me.

THAT my friends, is what you are about to see.

You be the judge.
Zachary (3) had pestered Brian (10) beyond tolerance. I told Brian to leave the room, ignoring Zachary. It worked, and Z was bored, almost instantaneously.

So he found trouble. In an effort to dissuade him, I gave him a "job". He was to clean the extremely large, 80's decor mirror in our bathroom. The darn thing covers the wall above the double vanity. I moved the toothbrushes. I sprayed it down with Windex, lecturing all the while that this was an abundance of blue stuff and he would not get more.

I gave him a wad of clean paper towel. I lectured that it was "more than enough" towel and he would not get more. And he happily wiped away for quite some time.

Then Donovan (4) saw what Z was doing. He immediately ran to me, and with a dreadful stutter finally "tattled" on Z. I told him that was Z's job, his chore. He insisted he wanted to help, and as I began to explain it was Z's chore and he couldn't help, Z hollered from the bathroom, "It's ok, Do'van can help me."

Angels appeared and sang a hallelujah chorus in a moment of toddler kinship.

So I brought Donovan in with his own paper towels, sprayed a little extra windex for kicks, saw how cute they were and sent D's photographer mother in with my itty bitty camera to take pictures, because they were CUTE.

She laughed, she directed (move that way, look at me, cute!) like she does, because she's a photographer, while I sat at my dining room table.

And then I heard it.

Donovan: "I need more soap."


More? Soap?
Uh Oh.

Quickly followed by:
Zachary (loudly) "Shhhh, don't tell my mom!!"
I suspect this is the getting of the more soap...
Time to rinse
While this likely depicts the "Don't tell my mom."
Very satisfied with his work.
Another happy boy!
So nice they can work together!

Partners? Uh, only in crime folks, only in crime!


Tracey said...

No wonder they were so happy! You had given them license to get in trouble!!!

Nicki said...

You have got to admit, they are cute!! Glad it wasn't my mirror, though. ;)

Anonymous said...

What a fun scene to photograph! Who cares about the mirror, thats just plane fun!

Kathy B