Saturday, January 17, 2009

Now, this is more like it:

You Are a Chocolate Shake

You are a total hedonist. You are drawn to pleasure.

You are an expressive, over the top person. You're naturally dramatic.

You're the type of person who always chooses quality over quantity.

Life's too short to not have optimal experiences. You're proud of being picky.


Ann said...

That's a funny question...makes me think. Humm.

I am picky (and o.k. with it), classic (purchase a few really nice things then go 2nd hand shopping), a little crazy(my lifestyle), I'm a vanilla protein shake.

Tracey said...

Hmmm. I'm a strawberry shake. Flirty and fun.


Anonymous said...

I'm a hedonist too. but my comment about this quiz would be there weren't enough choices to the questions. So I'm also a skeptic.

Kathy b