Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Turn...

As I hang my head in shame, I stand and confess "It has been 11 days since my last post..."

Sorry. I'm back. With very little to say. It was an emotional few days there, they are honestly a bit of a blur, but my head is screwed on again, and my laundry is washed enough that we all have clothes for tomorrow, and the dishes are in the dishwasher, so here goes.

What to write about? Hmm. Oh, well, Dustin made his first 'in game' foul shot ever the other day. It was way cool.

Hmm. Oh, I could show you some scrapbook pages I've done... wait, no, they are mostly beach. I have blogging friends in them, and frankly, they have beach pictures of me too, too risky. That has been my focus though, these last four or five days, scrapbooking. So I'll show you an older layout I did, the pedicure page.
My first one, and I highly recommend it. I have, arguably, the most ticklish feet on the face of the planet, but I really enjoyed this. Oh, and we are on the phone because since Apollo's only seats two people per room we weren't able to chat with Nicki unless we called her. We did get one of the ladies to take pictures for us, though.

Hmm. Oh, on the 9th I got some cute pictures. Dustin, Brian, Michael, Zachary, Shamira and Kiara were all here, Donovan was at his B'nanas, and the kids decided to play outside. It started with a snowball fight, and ended with sledding, good times.

I'm not sure where Dustin's backside went in this shot, but it is definitely gone!
Kiara was very cute, when I finally gave in to Z and told him he could slide, she let his ride with her. Then, when he struggled to come back up, she (having hauled the sled to the top of the hill) WALKED down to meet him, and held his hand. She is precious, I was really moved.
Awww, brotherly love!

Zachary wiped out!

All in all, it was a fun time. More tomorrow (I hope!)

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