Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ok, moving on...

I can't stare at that post on my desktop any longer, it brings up to many unwelcome
emotions! So, let's talk basketball. Dustin had a game today, and while they did win, you could tell the boys didn't get a chance to practice for two weeks!

That's him, #1, but he doesn't let it go to his head!

So, again with Nicki's words resonating in my ears, I thought I would post a cute picture of Zachary helping Daddy shovel snow...I mean really, the child says, "Daddy, can't reach," and Daddy puts his shovel down, so Zachary can dump his scoop onto Bill's, how cute is that!

But, as I thought about posting that, I thought, "What have the other boys done to help Dad today?"

Answer: carry in wood.
So, here you are:

Brian saw the camera and posed, obviously he was feeling out of sorts from exhaustion! But his real expression showed through when he thought I was done. So, can you see how it's just not quite as adorable when they are older? Frankly, they are so grouchy about carrying in wood that a person doesn't really want to even be around them. But the wood does get carried in, and then life moves on.

So, there you are, it's taken me almost 24 hours to do this post, but at least my grouchy kids are a small improvement over before!


Stinson Family said...

I am right there with your children in carring in the wood. I have memories of chopping, dragging it out of the woods, stacking it, and finally carring in the house.

Marie said...

But just think of all the CHARACTER you built doing that, right? Please? That's what you need to tell my kids if it comes up anyway!!