Tuesday, February 5, 2008

4 hours of my life I will never get back...

I pulled out my scrapbook supplies at 11:30 this morning, after taking some time to clean my living room. I had a set of very crafty pictures, and I have these very crafty supplies that came in a tote Kevin gave me for Christmas. So, I challenged myself to use them. And 4 hours (and lunch time, and nap time, and numerous other things included) later, here it is:
So, I picked up my stuff, and now I await a visit from Princess Savannah. And her mom. They are stopping in on their way home from the hospital, to give her husband a little more time to get the place picked up a bit. It's apparently in bad enough condition that he warned her about it. On the plus side, she said she would bring me this:

Because I haven't left my house due to this:

and especially this:

I couldn't get out without shoveling, and even a Diet Pepsi isn't worth that, when Bill can do it with the snowblower, or Kevin with his truck, or George, or Everett, really, the list goes on. I'd rather wait.
The kids had no school, so they went out and did this:

and this:

I have no idea what that one is, sorry. But it's beautiful, and I'm sure it will be treasured until it melts. With the occassional, "Mom, he's wrecking my ***." To which I will roll my eyes, but at least then I will know what it is!

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Stinson Family said...

The second snow thing almost looks like a frog. But really I have no idea either. Your page looks really good, I am hoping to get some of mine done so to get my act in gear and print out the pictures of Abigail for our scrapbooks. That was really nice of them to drop by with your favorite soda. I know how much you really like those ;)