Monday, February 11, 2008

We are converting... to hypochondriacism.

Oh, we have been sick. I mean S-I-C-K. Last Sunday Brian complained his belly hurt, and we assumed a trip to the bathroom at some point would alleviate it. We had plans to go sliding at the Jones family farm, and no one, not even Brian wanted to dissuade that. So he threw up in the hallway at church. A new first for us.

Then he was better, he stayed home Monday to be sure, but was fine.

Tuesday we had company for dinner, and as dinner cooked my stomach pained me a bit. I ignored it for pork roast. I was ill at 7:30. And 8:00. And 1 AM.

Michael was at 2 AM. Zachary was at somewhere near 4, I think. Anyway, Bill of course took Wednesday off, which makes 2 sick days already this year, that will come back to haunt us in September, fair season, when he can only take time off that way per the arrangement he has with his boss.

I think both Michael and Zachary were sick numerous times Wednesday, though I was in bed, so it's hard to be sure. Dustin escaped to the real world unscathed, but Brian's school was cancelled due to the snow, and Dustin was sent home early.

Then came Thursday, when I had all I could do to crawl out of bed. I just couldn't bounce back. Bill went in late, after a run to the grocery store to enable implementation of the BRAT diet. The boys, except Michael, went to school, and things went ok, not good, but I plowed my way through. I think I was the most exhausted of us all, still. Then, about 3:45, with Brian and Dustin home so I could rest, Z snuck an Oreo. Then he lost his Oreo. So I called Bill, who was at the shop, not on a job site, and he came home early. Brian and Dustin were valiant, but far too young to really cope with someone else's... you know.

Friday, everyone was back in school. I slept on the couch... ALOT. The clock dragged on, but eventually it was the weekend. Saturday my great achievement was getting Zachary into a bath, swapping a load of laundry, and readying us for a trip to Walmart, without stopping to nap. I spent the trip sitting in the pharmacy waiting in line for Zachary's asthma prescription while Bill and the boys gathered necessities, like printer ink and Scotch tape (please, don't ask).

I got talked into going to Kelly's to scrapbook with Nicki. Bill said it would do me good to get out. I suspect he felt it would do HIM good, too! And NASCAR was on.

I went. I was WASTED by the time I got home, but for an hour or so I felt human while I was there. And I got some stuff done.

Then came Sunday. From Friday on, my goal had been to get to church on Sunday. I succeeded, in spite of the ADDITIONAL 10 inches of snow we were receiving, and was grateful we only had sacrament meeting, our church is usually 3 hours long. I came home, took a 4 hour nap (nobody woke me up, and I didn't wake on my own until then), and really felt quite a bit better. The only risidual symptom for anyone at this point is Z needing a diaper change twenty minutes after he eats.

I was ready to call the thing kicked.

Then Dustin was sick last night. He's up and about now, almost wishing he went to school 'cuz he's bored. Z is strictly on the BRAT diet today, not just being encouraged in that direction. But when the school called at noon time, and Michael was saying his belly hurt, I rushed down there to get him. No more messing around!

Needless to say, I have no pictures for this post!


Tara said...

We went through sometime similiar (add in the head cold with runny eyes and noses) not that long ago. Good luck getting it kick... and the next possible day to open windows, even for an hour... do it... Blow that sickness away...You'll be glad you did!

Anonymous said...

That is not hypochondriacism (is that a real word?), sounds like the real thing to me. If its any consolation, Donna has missed 2 days of work with flu this week and Lexie and kids are down with it as well. Hope you are all on the mend today, and thanks for not sharing those germs! Love you all. Mom

Nicki said...

Two things made me laugh out loud. The tossing of the cookies (lol) and Thank God there are no pictures!

Kim said...

I am sure that the (lack of) puke pictures, the tape and the ink cartridge all have something in common. Is this a riddle? I'll keep thinking on that one....but not too hard, it might make me sick.
I am glad you made it to church on Sunday, I am sure that was (atleast) good for the morale of your gang.
Thanks for reminding me to count our blessings, as we have yet to be sick this winter.