Saturday, February 2, 2008


As a mother of four boys, active boys at that, I have often wondered about ducks. That's right, I said ducks. Mother ducks have a power and discipline that I have longed to be able to understand, and then emulate. They keep all of their little babies close, they follow so diligently and organized. Then it hit me, I literally laughed aloud when I realized that I not only knew how they did it, but that I DO manage to emulate them.
These adorable balls of fluff, busy and active as they are, must follow their mama because she just quacked, "Fine, then I'm leaving without you. Good-bye!!"


Nicki said...

If I had 9 chicks like the mother duck in your picture, I think I WOULD leave.

Stinson Family said...

That is too funny. I know I have heard that before many of times. From my mother and other mothers in stores and things.