Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Illness Strikes Again...and again, and again, and again

This winter is going down in the record books for the most snow and sick of my entire life.

Never did post the end pic of that last storm, so here you are:

Yeah. I know.

And my friend Melissa came over that day, crazy brave woman that she is. Eat it up Josiah. *sigh* And please beat Sarah for telling Nicki it was cold there the other day. As if.

Her van actually PUSHED the snow along to get in the driveway.

Another foot last night. Inches coming tonight, and I don't even want to talk about Monday. My husband was laying all of this cheerful news on me, and I gave him my dirtiest look and told him to stop talking.

Nicki's sick now, and I feel her pain, I mean I can really sympathize. The aches and pains, misery and woe. Emily is over here for nap time, so that Mommy can actually nap. She likes to talk. I mean REALLY likes to talk. It tends to make me cringe and want to call my mom and my dad and apologize for my own childhood. After all, I clearly remember being accused of talking to hear the sound of my own voice. A LOT!


Nicki said...

As I wipe the tears of exhausted laughter, I can only say I'm sorry and....ummmm.....Thank You!

Stinson Family said...

I know that I said that it was cold and it does feel that way. We had a day where it was 95 degrees and then the next day it was in the forties. Although, I haven't gotten out the winter coat yet, (like most people around here). I know I am not sure what I am going to do when I come to visit. I am going to have four or five layers on and you can have a good laugh then :)