Sunday, February 3, 2008


Basketball is over, yeah! Er, I mean, Dustin is thrilled, we had the championship games this past Saturday, and his team was able to remain undefeated for the season! Those in attendance for more than a few games might contend they actually didn't play as well as they usually do, but Dustin has definitely improved through the season as a whole! We are grateful to his coach, for not only taking the time, but having the ability to really coach, you don't always get that with volunteers!

I also managed to get some pictures of Dustin's calves, they aren't great because it's awfully crowded in the barn right now! There is enough room for the animals, but add in two adults and the three kids, and it starts to feel cramped. It was so icy and chilly we couldn't take them outside. They have cute little blankets on to help them be warm, but with all the animals in a small space that's not really much of a problem!

I also took a shot of Kevin's calves. He got them a month or so ago, Brown Swiss like Dustin had his first year in 4H. As a 4H leader, I think Kevin figured if one of the kids in the club was scrambling at the last minute to get a pair he would have one available. Of course, he enjoys showing calves, too, and he will have a pair to demonstrate things with if he ends up keeping them for himself.

I am sure there will be more pictures to post as the year wears on! Now I'm off to sit in the living room and watch the Super Bowl. Because you know me, that's just the kind of sports fanatic I am. Yeah.


Tara said...

Congrats to Dustin and his team! That's really great!

And, very cute calves. Enjoy.

Nicki said...

Undefeated!? Yay! Even the Patriots didn't manage that! Great Job! And I love the calves. Very cute!

Stinson Family said...

Dustin is doing really well in all the activites he has been in this year. Congrats on the basketball Dustin!!! I love to see the animals with there blankets. They are adorable :)