Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Election Day!!!

And you know what that means!!!!!

That's RIGHT! Calendars!

Oh yes, I have spent my morning at our local community building, right after the polls, trying to schlep pander sell the calendars we have made for the fire department.

Calendars you ask? Why, the very calendars that my good friend from Memories by Melissa Photography (see side bar) spent hours of her time making. She went to different training activities, and even a bonfire, as well as driving from station to station taking pictures of fire trucks. Then, she edited them, uploaded them, made them look fancy, and shipped them off. Then we chewed off all our nails developed ulcers waited patiently for them to arrive. Then we jumped up and down with happy shouts for the fact that they came out SOOOOO good! Then we nit-picked it apart for flaws and mistakes because we are perfectionists. Then we figured nobody would really care, and were happy again.

Today is our big push to sell them. We are asking $16 each, and if when we sell them all, we will have brought in $800 for the Fire Department Association to fix up the antique truck. Now typically, raising money for an old truck is not in my realm of even remotely interesting. But there's a really nice tidbit of info regarding this particular truck. It happens to be not just any old truck collected to be neat in parades, it was an actual firetruck in service in our hometown. Well, it's Bill's home town, but he has so darn much enthusiasm for it that it's grown on me. You know, kind of like fungus.

Anyway, the truck was sold many years ago to help pay for a new one, but when that owner put it up for sale, the Association (not funded by taxpayers) bought it to preserve that little piece of history.

And I. Like. History.

Especially local, small town history.

So, can I interest you in a calendar today to support the Fire Department Association in raising money to refurbish the 1936 Diamond T antique fire truck? They are only $16 each!

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Nicki said...

I bought mine tonight at the polls. They turned out great! I love Melissa's photography, especially the pics of your boys! I'm thinking about hanging it up now, even though it isn't 2009 yet. :)