Monday, May 19, 2008

My kids have steers...

Well, still calves at this point, they will become steers... later.

Anyway, I realized the other night I haven't taken pics of them exercising them in our yard this year. So, without further adieu...

Please meet Jeff and Jimmy:

They are Holsteins, but we forgive them.

And Buzz and Woody:

I could pretend I was experimenting in low light, but really, I should have gone out earlier. Ah well.

I should also have taken pictures of Michael shooting baskets... maybe tonight!


Nicki said...

I have to say, the pictures are promising to be much more interesting this year with 2 boys. Not to mention that they're different breeds. Yay!

Stinson Family said...

Who gets to name them? They look so great. I will be interested in how they do with them this year. Please keep me posted.