Friday, May 16, 2008

Sorry I've been Scarce...

I've been working.

Yes, I know, my profile says SAHM, and I am, most of the time. But my friend Melissa is a professional photographer. She used to work for a company that employs several photographers, but in recent years she struck out on her own. While her business is not booming, it's pretty busy considering how little marketing she chooses to do right now. Her oldest daughter is Savannah, my little seven year old friend with cancer, so work is not a top priority.

So, one piece of her business is photographing the annual pictures for two different dance schools in our area. And to enable her to be behind the camera, as opposed to answering a ton of questions from parents about how to order their pictures, she hires me to come help. And also to help with the processing of payments, organizing the orders, and getting them in the mail when they arrive from the lab. It's really right up my alley, even dealing with the public. I tell Bill when I get ready to leave, "OK, time for the happy face!" and put on a big smile!

We did one school last Saturday, with a class scheduled every 10 minutes (Betsey came to help with that, she wrote down the picture number as Melissa clicked the camera and I answered Mom questions).

The other school doesn't like to ask everyone to come in on one day like that. So we drive to their city, about 35 minutes, four nights in a row, and photograph the students in costume right before they go into their practice for the evening.


That leaves a lot more room for students to forget it's "picture day" and not bring the costume, and all sorts of stuff. But, we also had breaks between each group, and so this year we brought work to do.

And almost all of the processing of payments was done before we left there last night.

Which helps.

Now Melissa needs to get time to go through all the pictures. She clicks 3 or 4 of each student, then picks the best one (eyes open, not hunched over, smiling) to order. Of course, this weekend her girls are in their own dance recital, so it ain't happening too quick!

So I have the day off. Bill has the day off. He is going to be at fireman training again this weekend, both days, and so he put in for today off.

And that's all I have time to blog now, but I'll be back this weekend.

Because Bill will be at fireman training again this weekend, both days.

What else do I have to do?

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