Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have a new toy.

It's an external hard drive.

I bought it because I work now, and because I never had time to back up my pictures and home video to disc, and I almost lost.them.all.

So now I use this.

My brother suggested I go to to look for an external hard drive. When I found this, I saw it was 1 TB. With some research, that's a terabyte people. 1,000 Gigabytes. 1,000,000 Megabytes. 1,000,000,000 Kilobytes.


I got all tingly and excited.

My average picture is about 3 MB, but Melissa's new camera takes them at about 12 MB.

Then I told Dustin, my now 12-year-old, about it, and he got all tingly and excited. And we laughed strange laughs, 'cuz we are weird.

Weird is good.

Then I emailed my brother, and asked him if I bought that was I going to get stuck needing some $50 cord or something.

He said, "No, but unless you are going to shoot extreme amounts of video, this is serious overkill for you."


So I bought it.

And it came.

And I've been moving stuff. See, my poor computer always needed me to burn a disc in order to defrag and such, 'cuz I was always over the limit of storage, and it desperately wanted to avoid system failure.

My conversation with Dustin included discussion of how much faster the puter could run, if it weren't bogged down. We giggled with excitement!!

So I moved a ton of stuff. Around 50 Gig.

Then I defragged, and never thought to take a picture of how bad it was.

But then I moved more stuff, another 17 gig or so, and defragged again, and see the difference above?

Third time charmed:


You should experience the difference. I haven't turned it off in a day or so, 'cuz it's been busy, I'm all excited to restart and feel the complete difference!

Oh, and my new external hard drive? Still 93% free space on it.

(mischievious laugh!)

Bye for now!

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Nicki said...

You make me smile!
That's about what my hard drive looks like on a normal basis. I am very happy for you.
And I predict that it'll only take you about 1/4 the amount of time your brother thinks to fill it.
(Sorry, had to join in.
I'm not weird though.