Friday, May 9, 2008

To Aura, or not to Aura...

A tractor trailer with logs on it wiped out at least one telephone pole and numerous wires late yesterday morning. He drove for quite a while not knowing what he had done.

Why do I care?

Because my power flickered. It was... disturbed.

I had to turn the TV back on for kids. I had to turn my computer back on.

And my computer didn't work right. It usually flashes a little screen that says Compaq, 'cuz it's a Compaq and they don't want you to forget it. It got stuck on that screen.

I tried 50 million things, and then my brain shut down. It couldn't handle the idea of a fried computer. Not when some of my pictures and most of my video were not backed up. (Hear in your mind that famous Jack Nicholson line: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!)

I spent the afternoon in a fog, trying to talk to people who knew computers without having to spend money.

Nicki finally took my hard drive and put it in her computer. Everything was still on it. I would have shouted for joy, but I really hadn't allowed myself to worry yet! (Hear in your mind that famous Jack Nicholson line: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!)

Sorry, I really like that line!

So it must be the motherboard is fried. Right?

My brother (who fixes the computers for Leavitt High School a couple of towns over) agrees it may be the motherboard.

Me: How much are they?
Him: (laughs)
Me: No, really?
Him: It depends, it may not even be able to be replaced.
Me: How do you figure out if it can?
Him: You look at the motherboard and know what you're looking at.

He agrees to look at it, and says, "Bring it to my work tomorrow."

I am fully prepared to stop at his work, find out what motherboard it needs, and drive on to the city of Auburn and buy it. I am floored by the enormity of the high school I used to attend, first time I've ever driven in the parking lot since it was rebuilt. It's gargantuan.

My brother puts the hard drive back in. He turns it on. It boots up. The Compaq screen flashes by, 'cuz they want you to remember it's a Compaq. I see Count it all Joy's dish of jelly beans on my desktop, where I put it in February 'cuz it looked so springy.

Me: How'd you do that?
Him: I have an aura.
Me: No, really, was there a cord loose?
Him: No.
Me: Then what was it?
Him: I don't know, sometimes computers are strange.
Me: (in awe of his aura).

I go home, put my computer back in with its cords, and turn it on.

It reminds me it's a Compaq.

And freezes there. No jelly beans. No desktop. Just Compaq.

My brother has no aura.

I decide to try a different power strip.

It reminds me it's a Compaq, and then goes to jelly beans.

I breathe. Then I call my mom and have her email my brother so he knows he had no aura.

But he did save me a ton of money. 'Cuz I wasn't ever going to try plugging my computer into any other outlet. Not until I had bought a new motherboard anyway.

Thanks Jason. And thank you inventor of surge protectors.

(and tractor trailer driver, I know gas is expensive, but not as bad as how high your insurance is gonna get if you keep that up!! PLEASE STOP!)


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your account of this experience. I'm sure you didn't enjoy it as much. My husband says, that's what surge protectors are for. Wish they were always reliable.

Fun to read that the jelly beans are continuing in some form. The real ones are gone, eaten!
Hope you have a day full of joy my friend,
Kathy b

Tracey said...

Freakin hilarious. But THANK GOD cuz something called Motherboard must be pretty important and if it's important it must be expensive, right?