Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Son is no Slouch...

We are trying a new approach to the potty training. Because Daniel is succeeding and I refuse to let my friend's just-turned-two-year-old beat my almost-three-year-old.

Really, whatever motivation I can pretend to have!

Anyway, this morning, we are using Peanut Butter M&M bribes.

I took off his diaper from bedtime, and told him he had to go pee. He resisted, and finally did, I helped him put big boy underpants on.

20 minutes pass...

Mom: OK, it's time to go pee.
Z: NO! I don't want to.
Mom: Do you want one of those? (Peanut Butter M&M)
Z: Yes.
Mom: Then you pee potty.
Z: OK.

Zachary goes to bathroom, but still needs Mommy to help with underpants.

Mommy gets Zachary one Peanut Butter M&M.

Zachary eats it.

Mom: OK, go get your underpants on.
Z: K.

Zachary sits down to put underpants on, and doesn't even get a foot in it.

Z: Uh-oh, I need go pee.
Mom: OK.

Zachary goes in bathroom alone, pees, and comes out.

Z: More M M.
Mom: OK.

Mommy hands Zachary an M&M. He pops it in his mouth, and runs to bathroom.

Z: I need go pee.
Mom: No no no, that doesn't count.

Zachary stops dead in his tracks.

Mom: You can go pee, but no more treat. You need to wait a few minutes, then go pee, then get treat!!

Zachary walks to living room, disheartened.

Mommy spends 20 minutes blogging this story. As she re-reads it, she hears the barstool move across the kitchen floor.

Mom: NO!! No M&Ms!!

Mommy runs to kitchen to keep plan from being foiled!


Stinson Family said...

It is crazy how quickly children pick up on these things. I wish you the best of luck with this adventure.

Alyson said...

receivd your wonderful gift in the mail today. I will pass it to my In-Laws right away.
Thank you so much for thinking of us.
The money will help pay for the Llama we just got to help guard the new beef herd coming in;)

Tara said...

I always bribe my kids during potty training. Gabi didn't go for m&m's, it was stickers, that she'd promptly run over and flush down the toilet. But the other two have gone through m&ms, lollipops, stickers,and whatever else it takes. Never could stick to just one thing because they'd get bored of it. Good luck with Z!

Ashleigh said...

oooooh. good luck.