Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Be proud of me

I think I might be ending my tetris streak. For those of you unfamiliar with tetris, go here:

For those of you who think no one is unfamiliar with it, remind me to introduce you to my aunt Donna.

Anyway, in an effort to still love my laptop, and not waste time, instead of tetris when I'm done my email I have been sorting pictures.

Even better knowing that at least in theory I am scrapbooking this weekend.

I say in theory only because our fearless leader (aka the one with the place to go) now needs to spend Friday at the hospital and leave Sunday to attend a memorial service. Both very legitimate reasons to set aside scrapbooking, of course, but I have yet to wrap my brain around the details of it all. Perhaps we'll get to that today.

Oh, and I am being somewhat cautious of the blog world today. You see, I have allowed myself to breathe today knowing that a democrat is headed back to the white house. Perhaps people of the nation will be able to have money in their pockets in a few months. My husband's employer being able to afford the gas to send him to a service call would be nice. Even my friend's husband's job prospect relies on the government being able to afford to hire him.

CHANGE is good.

Not everyone agrees, one I read is afraid of their husband being told what to do at work.


Sorry, I have no sympathy for that. My husband is told what to do at work every day.

CHANGE is still good.


Betsey said...

I love your blog!! I am so proud of you - but am not totally hip on what tetris is all about- I asked my teenagers:)! I, too, was thrilled with the election results! GOBAMA!

Ashleigh said...

I'm not even going to go there with the election . . .

But tetris I will. I'm all about Dr. Mario. Ansen got some CD that had every original Nintendo game on it to load onto our computer. Unfortunately this was during the college days and I think that I spent a straight year "rewarding" myself with another level (or 12) of Dr. mario everytime I accomplished some small act for the day (a shower, lunch, reading 5 pages of my text book). Anyway, reading your blog prompted me to ask Ansen where the CD is and I'm already planning my "me time" for when I get it installed. AHHHH. I don't remember how I broke the obsession before so we all may be in trouble.