Friday, November 7, 2008

Never Say Goodbye

Never say goodbye

you and me and my best friends

hoping it would never end

Say goodbye, never say goodbye

holding on we've got to try, holding on to never, say goodbye.
OK, bonus to who can tell me where those lyrics are from.

A few tears were shed the evening they left, but just a few. And then last night, when the check arrived, there were none!
And Dustin's have gone to Gram's for the winter. There are no tears over getting up a bit later and not playing in ice cold water first thing in the morning!


Stinson Family said...

I have no idea on the name on the song. But yeah I agree with your kids on not having to out and break the ice so the animals can have there water. Not fun!

Nicki said...

I can not believe that we didn't listen to Bon Jovi, this weekend! Now, I've gotta get it, thanks.