Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Scrapbook Weekend

I went with some friends to a cabin Melissa was able to get this weekend. A family whose son was a patient at MCCP has made their dream a reality. They made a place for families of children who have/had cancer to get away, to escape life for awhile and rejuvenate. Appropriately, the camp is named Stronghold. I think that's fantastic, as a stronghold is a place that is fortified, secured and protected, and a place for others outside of it to come to in times of great need. It had a beautiful, calming presence. I keep noticing how hard it is to decompress lately, to just relax and be calm. It was much easier there!

We all brought a meal, and the owners of the cabin treated us to one as well from the Ugly Moose. It was VERY yummy food!

I completed 27 pages, then there are 2 pages with everything done but the one title, for a grand total of 29. This seems a bit less than the others, but I was there 3 or 4 hours after them, and left around 3 hours sooner than 2 others... and all my journaling is done on my pages, so it all evens out. Some favorites to show you (apologizing for the lousy photography, my poor camera probably feels offended to be forced to take such lousy pictures!):
Nicki had my kids over the summer and made s'mores with them... sort of!

I L.O.V.E. this picture!!
Then most kids took a turn holding Ethan:
The top picture is of Michael holding a baby doll at age two, the bottom holding a BABY at age seven, the feeling hasn't changed much!!
Dustin made chocolate chip cookies for the first (and last, so far) time. He dumped in all the ingredients, without stirring as the recipe said... oops.
My boy!
I loved the quote, perfect between 2 yo Daniel and 12 yo Dustin!
Evening pictures from relay for life this past summer:
Our sweet Savannah:

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Nicki said...

Yay! Good job. I love these pictures! It was a way awesome weekend.