Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another drive by posting...

So Monday I went and got approved for a loan
borrowed Mom's truck to
meet the man selling the vehicle in Turner
he followed me to Jay
(saving me a trip) to sign over the title
so I could have the check and
give it to him
I returned Mom's truck
got a ride with Nicki to the Town office
registered it
and she drove me to Turner to pick it up
so I could drive it home
before Bill got home and
wanted to go get it instead of
attending the firemen's meeting that
he was getting an award at but didn't know.

That was a run-on sentence, I know. I was going to remove the punctuation and let you all run out of breath before you finished reading it to the people around you, but then I was worried you might get confused because I got confused proofreading it so I decided to put it in list form as long as you know it's still a run-on sentence because it was a run-on kind of day. Get it?

Anyway, it's a Windstar, but it's a different color, and 5 years newer, 107,000 less miles on it, a left side door, and MOST IMPORTANTLY it has a CD player. Those of you out there in the real world all have them, I know. But I didn't. And now I do. YAY!! So I don't need an Ipod anymore, but someday it would still be nice to have one. Just not necessary.

Oh, and here it is:

It lacks storage space, I was pleased it didn't have a console between the two front seats, but I think I will need something in the near future to put my first aid kit, spare diapers, and things like that in. But really, it is VERY nice to have a newer van, I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

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Stinson Family said...

It looks very nice Marie. I know how you feel about a cd player. When I got my van I felt the same way and when I take the car it doesn't have a cd or tape player and I am grateful. I do run on's too. I hope that your week only gets better!