Monday, December 3, 2007

What a Weekend!

So, my weekend was filled with highs and lows, how was yours?

First, a low, I had to be up at 6 am to get Dustin to the bus to go to his Lego League tournament.

My first high was when Bill decided to call his mom about babysitting for us Saturday night, and she offered to take the three youngest for the day as well, leaving him and I to ride to Bonny Eagle High School, and hour and a half away, ALONE. Then to spend the day together at the tournament, and come back, ALONE. He left to take the Hurley kids home and our kids to his mom's. Oh, and we could take his WORK truck, it wasn't even going to cost me gas money!

I called Nicki to gloat, she was walking in a parade on one of the coldest days of the year.

It never pays to gloat. I then had a low, Bill called and there was no water at the Goodwin's rental property. I am now going to Bonny Eagle alone. Could've been worse, could've had to entertain the kids alone as well.

Then I got on the road and had to turn back for my map and directions. Phooey.

When I got there, it was just as Dustin was finishing the part parent's can't watch, their presentation. Mr. Taylor saw me and said, "They NAILED it, they did fantastic." That was a high.

I got a guy from Jay to tape it with my video camera, so I could focus on pictures, and managed to hold my own chatting with some moms. Small talk is never my strong point, so that was a high.

Dustin's team was functioning awesome in the table top piece. They were in second place at one point, and all three teams from Jay made the semi-finals. Last year his team placed sixteenth, and Jay had never made the semi-finals, since third grade when they started this thing as a GT Science program.

Dustin's team barely missed the finals. That was a low, they were sure they had made it.

They got a third place trophy, a high, in the table top competition. Their friends, another Jay team, got a second place trophy for their presentation, definitely cool.

And then it happened. Wait for it... Oh, a pictures worth a thousand words, so have a few pictures:

They won the overall competition, Dustin's team did.

That was an awesome high.

Until we moms realized that this means we could very well have a long road ahead of us, fundraising and planning a trip to here:

Know your geography? This is Georgia.

Yep, Atlanta Georgia in April of 2008. We have misinformed some people, in my haste to know when and where the competition would be, I asked Nicki to look it up, and after much trial and tribulation she thought the website said Oregon. I got all tingly thinking I might actually get to see the Pacific Ocean! But after more careful research, nope, it's Atlanta. Still somewhere I've never been, it would be nice. Expensive, but nice. And no, there is no way on Earth I would pass up this opportunity to take my family somewhere, even though I recently lectured them on it being more important to experience serving the Lord than traveling to exciting places.

But look how EXCITED he is!

Now, it's not guaranteed at all yet. On December 8 or 9 they are having another Maine competition. Dustin won't be in it, but their overall winner will receive a trophy, and then it will depend on which team has a higher cumulative score who gets to go. So cross your fingers. Or don't, I'm not sure we really need one more thing in our lives!! But we are definitely psyched for him and his friends!!


Nicki said...

The "highs" certainly seem to outnumber the "lows!" Congrats to Dustin and his team! I am not surprised they came out #1. How soon will we know the northern team's score? Sorry about the location mix up. I still can't find it. Keeping my fingers crossed for the trip. They obviously did great! Although, we'll all still love 'em even if they don't get to go to Nationals. (they need to send two teams, just like figure skating!) LOL

Ashleigh said...

Congrats! Georgia . . . should be fun. My sister-in-law is from Atlanta. We went there for the wedding reception a couple of years ago. You'll have to make sure you go to the Coca-Cola factory. It's where Coca-Cola orginated and it was pretty fun. They also had some fun stuff from when they hosted the Olympics a while back. When it gets closer and you want more ideas, let me know since we tried to do everything while we were there and my brother goes there all the time now and they take him somewhere new every time. Sounds like a fun thing to be involved in though! Congrats Dustin!

Ashleigh said...

One more thing . . . I had to comment about blogs again. We were looking at my brother's blog and they have Morgan Stinson (Melissa Stinson's cousin)on their friend list! Small world again!

Stinson Family said...

Congrats Dustin! Alanta Georgia is a neat place. I went there last spring for a trip. So if you would like so great places to visit just let me know.