Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lesson in Blogging

OK, sometimes when composing a post, I put certain little touches, like centering my Merry Christmas, that don't work out. Blogger likes to change the spacing when you hit the publish button. I ALWAYS have to go back and delete blank spaces that want to make my post even longer than it is!

Also, there's a handy little thing at the end of each post called the "comments". You may have clicked on this, if so, you get to read all the comments other people make, which are limited to about three people. If you want to make a comment, it asks you to create an account. Creating an account is actually quite easy, you just come up with a user name (usually your email address) and a password. You don't receive bulk crap email for this.

However, signing up is not required. You can leave a post anonymously, and then just type your name at the end of it. Though if you want to say something nasty not nice you don't have to leave your name either, as the person I have since labeled unhappy anonymous did.

If you know who unhappy anonymous is, please tell them I posted a reply to their complaint.

Lastly, if you go back to the page to see your comment all pretty like and don't see it, don't despair. That only happens because I have it set to approve comments before they show up. This is the Internet, and sadly there are times when I go days without looking at my blog, I don't want anyone being particularly rude and others (including myself) being offended.

It's a happy place here in my blog world, won't you join me, and speak whatever's on your mind when you visit? Heaven knows I sure will!!

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