Wednesday, December 12, 2007

They WON!!

The result is in, I don't have any time to blog right now, but I want everyone to know that Dustin's team, for Lego League, WON their competition!!

That means that they are invited to register for the WORLD competition this April in ATLANTA GEORGIA!!! April 17-19 is all I have for details, well, that and we will be fund-raising like heck right after Christmas!!

Any of you who run into my husband, please reassure him that there is no reason to fear flying!

More to come soon...


Nicki said...

Yay, Dustin! Great Job! and if the man can fight fires he can fight the fear of flying as well.

Stinson Family said...

It is great to read these wonderful things after the last post I read. Congrats to Dustin for making to GA. I know great places to visit. Flying isn't that bad. The drive is only 20 hours not bad either.