Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Run, run, as fast as you can...

OK, it's 10:56 AM, and as I am typing I am discussing the pros and cons of leaving a door open with a two and three year old, we'll see how far this gets.

We were VERY Christmasy this weekend! We froze our butts off getting the tree, we got it decorated, and come Saturday night I was up to my eyeballs in gingerbread!! It was actually pretty stinking easy, once I learned you roll the gingerbread right on the pan, and then just cut away what doesn't belong. So, come Sunday afternoon nap time we did a trial assembly with some incredibly stiff Royal icing.

I figured I would see if Zachary's held together before calling in the whiners other children who can be a tad impatient. It came together beautifully though, and the onslaught began!

My husband is a wonderful, wonderful man, and while I appreciate that he takes the camera from time to time, so that my children will have pictures of me, his picture taking is slightly twisted unorthodox...

up close...

and peculiar

When Zachary woke up we started the actual decorating. He was upset at first that he was
limited to his own two bowls of candy.

But he settled down and got over it.

What is it with sticking out your tongue when you are concentrating?

Zachary did help some with his own, though he was more interested in eating, so Daddy did most of it!!

Ah, the glory of the finished product!

Now we have our own little gingerbread village!



Stinson Family said...

I love the houses. Would you send me the receipe please?

Nicki said...

Mmmmmm.....those look good enough to eat! It almost makes me want to make our own gingerbread houses. ALMOST! but not quite! Maybe next year!