Monday, December 17, 2007

Hmm, Can I blog with Donovan and Zachary Playing?

So, the boys had their Christmas concert on Thursday last week. I brought my camera, but the pics aren't that great. I got video, but the blogger doesn't like my video. So here's a couple of pics just for funsies!
Michael has a thing lately about sticking out his tongue. Brian finally smiled after speaking to him TWICE!!
Here's a shot of Michael's little friend Zak, he makes a great Santa Clause, huh? And he smiles so nicely!
"Mommy, is too loud!"
"DUSTIN!!!!!" We were all glad to see Dustin when his school was dismissed. We were at the Middle School Gym, so he joined us part way through.

Then on Friday we went to Uncle Kevin's for birthday cake. Due to some frustrating circumstances, I ended up leaving to go pick up Donovan at Mrs. Osgood's house. Donovan and I were very glad to see each other, regardless of the circumstances! He is so adorable, and gets such a big kick out of my boys! He and Zachary got along just fine, getting into equal amounts of mischief!! ;-) Joy Smith was there for the birthday, the kids are really warming up to her. People (including myself) kept coming and going so that we didn't get to cake until about 8, and even then Grampa wasn't back, but he had said not to wait for him. Michael was cutting the cake, the pieces were pretty interesting! Not that I thought to bring my camera.
Saturday Brian H. came to get Donovan bright and early, and in spite of 7 degree temperatures we braved the trek for the perfect Christmas tree. Picking out a Christmas tree is made even more interesting I think due to my lack of depth perception. We've had some years where the tree was so big around we couldn't get between it and the dining room table. And then there's this year's:
Brian wasn't cold.
Michael wasn't cold... yet. Give him 20 minutes and he'll be whining like a baby 'cuz his feet are freezing!!
Brian likes this one. Um... no.
We finally are here when we can get to "the hidden field", ooooohh.
I think this is what we went with, looks ok, huh?
The boys wanted to cut it down this year.

"This is what them mean when you reap the benefits of years of work, huh?"

Daddy dragged it until Mommy showed him "a better way."

Ok, all you moms of girls, go ahead and raise some future wives, I'll keep my boys!!
Then Mr. Ouellette showed up and bailed them out!!
Then we cut off the bottom foot or more, and had this:

Oops. Oh well, the kids were happy, and I saved some floor space!

Here's our finished product:

And here's us:

And here's us showing our bellies, 'cuz if a two-year-old wants to do it, we should ALL want to do it!!
Well, that settles it, I can blog with them. It just takes a good mood on their parts, and three hours. Have a FANTASTIC day, I'm going to Walmart.


Nicki said...

Love the belly shot, BUT....where's Mommy's? Too Funny!

Ashleigh said...

That's good family fun!

Stinson Family said...

I miss going and picking out the family tree. You all looked you were having a great time.