Monday, April 28, 2008

Atlanta, part 3

Things have felt absolutely insane since I got home! But, I'm making time to post a bit more, we aren't even through the first full day!

Meet Dave:

When the boys saw him they knew they had to pose for a picture! He was one of FIRST's volunteers, and when he was asked to wear something that would help him stand out in a crowd, what other choice was there but a kilt! Little did he know there would be six more kilts running around! Although I don't think anyone was in danger of mistaking one of the boys for him!

Did you know Lego was invented in Denmark?

Me neither, but I guess it was! And there was a team from Denmark, who wore these actual wooden clogs! They did a fancy little march around the area a couple of times, it sounded awesome! I asked one guy if they were comfortable to wear, and after a few minutes of trying to communicate, I got from him, "Thick socks, it's not too bad!"

It was impossible to miss the Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies, no matter where they were! There pit area was decorated, and the team all wore yellow shirts and yellow caps with ducks, many even had inflatable ducky swim toys around their waists!

The Sizars were hard to miss, too!

They were from South Korea, and also had the misfortune to stay at our hotel! They brightened my stay every morning, though. The first day, after helping a couple of them make waffles (a new thing in continental breakfasts), I saw a little boy trying to decide between Frosted Mini-Wheats and Total bran flakes! I had grabbed a Honey Nut Cheerios to take with me (not knowing what the food situation would be all day). I felt bad, and handed it to him. He gave me a strange look, so I motioned he should try one. He popped a dry one in his mouth, got the coolest look on his face, grinned, and ran to sit down with his group! From that moment on, I had about twenty friends from South Korea! They even gave me a game, involving folded paper, that I will post about another time!

But the best of all:

My boy! Here he was getting ready to do the presentation for the judges, he's an architect (albeit in a kilt!)

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